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Cotton Broadcloth

1220 Bloom Street Products

It all starts with cotton broadcloth sourced from local fabric boutiques. The bloom petals are created on a sewing machine, then cut and flipped for clean lines. Next, each petal is hand stitched into place on a circle of thick interface. Lastly, embellishments, hardware and felt backing are attached creating a functional one-of-kind item! 

Home Goods

Rosette Rainbows $18

Blooming Rainbows $38

Blooming Stickers $4

Blooming Totes $20

Rosette Rainbow.jpg
Tote Bag.jpg


Rosette Rings $18

Petal Fan Earrings $18

Blooming Collar Clips $48

Gentleman's Bloom Lapel Pins $20

Rosette Ring
Petal Fan Earrings.jpg
Blooming Collar Clip
Gentleman's Bloom Lapel Pin


Scrunchies $8

Bloom Bobby Pins $12

Baby Bloom Headbands $22

Party Hat Headbands $18

Single Bloom Headbands $22

Two Bloom Headbands $32

Big Bloom Headbands $54

Blooming Crown Headbands $59

Bloom Bobby Pin
Baby Bloom Headband
Party Hat Headband.jpg
Single Bloom Headbands.jpg
Two Bloom Headband
Big Bloom Headband

Fur Baby

Collar Bow Ties Small $14

Collar Bow Ties Large $16

Tie-On Party Hats $14

Collar Blooms Small $18

Collar Blooms Large $20

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